Route My Fleet Is Now In Public Beta

Hi there!

We are pleased to announce that Route My Fleet is now in Public Beta (v0.11b).

This means that you can register for an account and use Route My Fleet to plan and optimize your routes for free. However, please do expect the following:

  1. Things breaking i.e. bugs
  2. Very frequent updates
  3. New feature releases in short cycles
  4. A lot of changes to dashboard UI
  5. Frequent tweaks to our routing algorithm
  6. Living on the edge...

Route My Fleet works particularly well in the US, UK, Australia and Singapore. If you happen to reside in a country other than the ones mentioned, don't worry - it doesn't mean that it will not work - it just means that we have yet to test our service in your country. Of course, please feel free to try it out and let us know so that we can update the list of countries that our service works well in.

We are (way) behind on some key features e.g. API, multiple depots, reporting, and also documentation so please bear with us while we catch up on things within the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, do get started and let us know if you have any questions. You can simply open a support ticket or post in our forums and one of our support staff should get back to you in the shortest time humanly possible.

Here's to the end of your route planning woes,

Team Detrack

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