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Customise Photo File Name and Format


It would be great if we could have the ability to customise some of the settings for the POD photos take such as:

  1. Filename to be able to be customised to include some of the fields from the order such as "order-no" or "tracking-no" as this would make filing of the email attachments much faster
  2. Perhaps be able to send the photo in PDF format instead of jpg
  3. Quality settings of the photo to perhaps reduce file size if required

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Sorry i just realised you can send pdf with DO number as file name but more flexibility so as to rename the photo and to be able to select the name from any of the fields would be great

Nice to see this post here and thanks for sharing this. Get more about vshare helper here. 

STEP ONE: From Grid view, select all the photos you want to rename.STEP TWO: Go to Library>Rename Photos to launch the Rename dialog, then click the File Renaming drop-down menu and choose Edit to open the Filename Template Editor.

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