If you have added deliveries and/or collections to your Detrack dashboard and assigned to a device that you have added to the dashboard, please do the following checks to troubleshoot why the jobs does not show up on the device.

1) Has the job been added to the the correct date? Only the jobs that are scheduled for the day will appear on the driver App, please check that you have added the job to the correct date.

2) Has the device switched on Detrack App? If your driver has Detrack App on, at the Vehicles page, you will be able to see that it is “Connected” highlighted in green.

3) Does the device has Internet connection? Your device needs to have 3G /4G cellular data enabled when outdoors to allow the receiving of jobs from the server.

4) Have you selected the correct timezone? To check or edit your timezone, please go to Settings > Organization. The jobs will only show on the day of your timezone, hence if the wrong timezone is selected, the jobs may not show at the start of your day in your timezone.

5) Does your driver leave the app on overnight? If so, especially for Android users, data connection may have been lost when the device goes into a long period of sleep and then waking up.  When connection is lost, the list will not be updated since the device is unable to retrieve it from the cloud server. If this is the case, stop and start the app again – especially at the start of the day.

If the above does not work for your situation, kindly proceed to open a support ticket and please the model and make as well as the Detrack ID of the device/s that cannot receive the jobs, this will help us to speed up troubleshooting.