The new COD supporting feature includes an audio reminder that will sound when the driver taps on any delivery that requires COD collection. This is automatically enabled if your delivery has a payment amount. 

To input a payment value you need to first enable the field at your Detrack Dashboard > Settings > Delivery Settings > Fields > Check Payment Amount.


The driver can also input the amount of cash collected from the black POD button menu “Enter Paid Amount”. If you wish, you can enforce that if COD is required, it is mandatory for your driver to key in amount collected before submitting the POD. To do so, go to Detrack Dashboard > Settings > Job Settings > POD > Check Driver Must Key In Payment Amount.


When the option of “Enter Paid Amount” has been checked, the app will automatically remind driver if the keyed in amount does not tally with the amount required for COD.


If you will like to show the payment amount on the POD PDF, you can enable the field at Detrack Dashboard > Settings > Delivery Settings > Fields > Export Fields > Check Payment Collected.