If your driver was unsuccessful in the first attempt of a delivery, Detrack can now record the POD of the failed attempt and the driver can indicate a re-attempt to put the job back into “In Progress” status for a second attempt or to transfer it to another driver for completion.  


This ensures that all the attempts on a job will have their PODs in record. You can also see the number of attempts at a glance from the dashboard with the no# of attempts marked in the same field as DO#.


To enable this option, go to Detrack Dashboard > Settings > Job Settings > POD > Check Driver May Reattempt Failed Jobs. Your driver can now record reattempts either by making use of the POD black button to select the option “Reattempt Job” or simply holding a long press at the job to surface a pop up menu for the driver to select the “Reattempt Job” option.

You can refer to the driver's guide (found in solutions > Detrack V2 Help) to see how your driver can capture reattempts.