This feature is designed to reduce non-deliveries by enabling your driver to send recipients a pre-delivery/ collection text with an ETA to ensure their availability in receiving the delivery. To use this feature, you need to enable it at Detrack dashboard > Job Settings > POD > Check Driver can send pre job text. After this option is enabled, your driver will be able to select this option from the blue phone icon on his app. For this to work, the customer’s mobile number must be imported or input into Detrack.


Here’s how it works. To send a pre-delivery / collection text, tap on the blue phone icon button to select the option to “Send Pre-Delivery Text”. The app will proceed to fetch the ETA from the driver’s current location to the delivery destination (note that if the address is incomplete, the system may not be able to fetch the ETA). After getting the ETA, you will be auto-directed to the text screen (the smartphone’s own messaging system) where a pre-formatted text message with the ETA will appear. At this point, the driver can choose to edit the text or the ETA before sending off the message.


You can also make a default ETA adjustment if you or your driver's find the auto-generated ETA too optimistic. You can set a default ETA adjustment at Detrack dashboard > Settings > Job Settings > POD > Enter the desired ETA adjustment (in factor) value. Once set, all your drivers’ calculated ETA would take the adjustment into consideration.