There are times when a job needs to be transferred from a driver to another driver for completion later. Previously, the admin needs to reassign the job manually via the dashboard before the job can be “transferred”. In this release, your drivers can now transfer jobs amongst themselves (receiving driver needs to accept the transfer request) without your intervention, thus easing workload on the backend.

Transfer can be initiated by a driver by clicking on the menu icon on the top right hand corner of the App and select the option "Transfer Jobs" (note that this must be done on the main screen). Next, the driver can select the jobs to transfer by tapping on them. Once the right jobs are selected, tap on the purple button "Transfer" and select the driver (the list will be drawn automatically to show only drivers from the same organization) to transfer to. 

Note that the transferring process is only complete when the other party reacts by indicating "Accept" or "Reject". Meanwhile, the initiating party needs to wait for the response before moving on. This step is essential as the driver may think that his jobs are successfully transferred and move on with his rounds when in actual fact they have not been accepted. 

Once the jobs are accepted by the other party, the jobs will be automatically removed from the initiating party to the accepting party.The dashboard will also automatically make the change.