The Courier Mode in Detrack v2.0 marks the beginning of enhanced support for our courier users. When this option is enabled, deliveries and collections with the same D.O. # are “grouped” together (with arrow icons) on the main screen to indicate their relationship. Courier Mode is defined as your driver collecting goods from Point A and delivering the same goods to Point B i.e. 2 different milestones of the same job. Thus on the Detrack app, your driver cannot submit POD for a courier delivery before the courier collection is completed.

In Courier Mode, your driver must grab both collection and delivery of the same courier job (defined by the same D.O. #) in Marketplace. Also, when transferring job from one driver to the other, both collection and delivery of the same courier job have to be transferred together unless the collection has already been completed (and thus transferring only the delivery).

To use this feature, you need to enable the option at Detrack dashboard > Job Settings > Options > Check Enable Courier Mode