If you are running Detrack App Version 2 (both iOS and Android), you should see your logo on the top right hand corner of the screen once the app is switched on if you have previously uploaded your logo into your Detrack dashboard. 

If you have not done so and wish to learn how, please follow the steps here.

After you have freshly uploaded your logo, you can switch the app off and once it is switched on again, you will be able to see your logo.

Please note if you have uploaded your logo for your POD but is unable to see it on the Detrack app, please check the following:

1) Is your logo with a black background? Logos with black backgrounds cannot be seen as the default background color of the app is also black.

2)Is your logo with a transparent background with dark colored graphics / words? If so it cannot be seen due to the background color of the app being black.

For the above 2 scenarios you can change your logo background for it to be reflected. We are working on greater flexibility for your branding. Soon, you will be able to upload a different logo for the App and the POD.