You can add multiple groups and assign any person who can benefit from the data fed to the group. First, you will need to create the group, followed by assigning the users and jobs to the group.

For example,

Customer A gives you 10 jobs, Customer B gives you 5 jobs and they both want to see the job progress. As such, you can create a Group A and Group B. Then assign the 10 jobs to Group A and assign the 5 jobs to Group B. When Customer group A login, A will only see the 10 jobs and B will only see the 5 jobs. However, you be able to see all the 15 jobs.

  1. Enable the Group field in Settings
  2. Add Groups (Group A and Group B)
  3. Assign users to the group (Customer A to Group A)
  4. Assign jobs to the group
For steps on how to create groups, please visit our tutorial.