Due to the reason why the Detrack notifications are sent from our default sending email (notify@detrack.com) is because due to the tightening of Internet security and the clamping down on phishing emails (what is phishing-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phishing), we find ourselves in the position to have to use a verified standard email address to send out the email notifications or risk getting blacklisted by major email servers all around the world.

The emails will maintain your “From name” and also the “Reply-to” email address will be your “From email”. This way, your customers will continue to see your branding (“From Name”) and will be able to reply to you directly (“Reply to”).

If you need any help at all to set this up, just drop my support team a note (info@detrack.com) or open a support ticket with us from your Detrack dashboard and they can assist with setting up the email notifications you require.